Kelantan Exchange (2021)

Date: 11 until 13 September 2021 – Location: Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Press Release

Malaysian Craft Council (MCC) Organizes Kelantan Exchange 2021 Following Last Year’s Success to Showcase Multifaceted Possibilities of Malaysian Crafts & its Revival for Today’s World

Kota Bharu, Kelantan, 25th OCTOBER, 2021 – Following last year’s overwhelming success of Kelantan Exchange (a national level event that champions local artisans while exposing the public to the industry with emphasis on its rich cultural heritage); the Malaysian Craft Council (MCC) once again aims to create the same level of excitement this year, if not more by crafting an overall immersive experience for its visitors and guests. Partnering with Tourism Malaysia, Yayasan Hasanah, UNESCO, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), National Department for Culture and Arts and the venue sponsor of Kelantan Exchange 2021 - The Grand Renai Hotel, Kota Bharu; MCC is expecting a bigger turn out, especially now that the movement control order (MCO) has been lifted.

In last year’s Kelantan Exchange, Malaysian Craft Council managed to break the taboo and brought the traditional Mak Yong dance-drama back into the scene after almost three decades being banned from performing in the state. The revival of the art showcasing it under a syariah compliant approach inspired this year’s Kelantan Exchange theme ‘Illusion of Langkasuka’.

The golden reign of Langkasuka Kingdom was the epitome of advanced Malay civilization with proofs that transcend time, evident in today’s Malaysian art motifs, architecture, designs and even lifestyle. Through Kelantan Exchange 2021, the Malaysian Craft Council hopes to revive this timeless spirit by displaying the multifaceted possibilities of Malaysian crafts for various repurposing and their relevance in today’s modern world.

“Our crafts are so flexible and their potentials for innovation, repurposing, and cross cultural transfer or fusion creation are limitless! That’s why we are so excited with this year’s Kelantan Exchange as our audience, visitors or guests will be in an experiential setting where they get to learn, engage, and discover the various possibilities of our local crafts. That’s not all. We will also have involvement from various bodies such as the Japanese Foundation that include knowledge transfer and Insha Allah, through it we can elevate our mindsets and open ourselves to amazing ideas, while staying true and being authentically Malaysian. There will also be forums and intellectual discussions like viewing arts through Islamic perspective etc. Everyone must make the trip to Kota Bharu for this!” explained Nik Faiz, MCC’s president with contagious enthusiasm.

The Kelantan Exchange will be an annual event by The Malaysian Craft Council with plans to organize similar program in other states of Malaysia highlighting their own local artisans and cultural heritage.

Aligned with Malaysia’s effort to create sustainability and a vibrant craft industry, MCC welcomes any forms of collaboration from various parties, organizations or bodies to enhance growth while injecting fresh ideas and innovative perspectives.


Total Entries for 3 Day Event = approximately 10,000 people




Art Bazaar

Demostration & Sales Booth



Performing Arts Mak Yong




Copper Block

Wayang Kulit


    Participated by 50 local artisans and 10,000 visitor.

    Pentas Mak Yong

    Mak Yong Performance: The Spirit of Mak Yong by JKKN.

    Attended by more than 400 pax. Ticket sold out.

    Cultural Runaway

    Malay Traditional Costume: Cultural Runaway featuring John Ang & Subaidah Sual

    Attended by 200 guests.


    Dialogue session conducted with guest panels from industry expert Azzaha Ibrahim, Norhaiza Noordin & Eddin Khoo.

    Attended by invited guests from local industries and agencies about 250 pax.

    Langkasuka Illusion

    A charity dinner and tribute to local artisans who have involved in the industry for more than 30 years. A night to celebrate craft makers with performance and award, MCC Creative Awards.

    50 tables sold through 3 tiers:

    1. Che Siti Wan Kembang

    2. Puteri Saadong

    3. Anak Gahara



    1. Art Bazaar


    2. Bekwoh Langkasuka


    3. Cultural Runway


    4. Gala Dinner - Langkasuka Illusions


    5. Pentas Mak Yong - Raja Besar Maha Gading


    6. Press Conference


    7. Senam Seni 


    8. Talks

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