From Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur

KLEX'23 is a 5-Day Festival in Kuala Lumpur that honors artisans, celebrates cultural heritage, and showcases exciting programs on arts and crafts.

14 until 22 October 2023 at Lalaport Bukit Bintang

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  • Kelingkan Workshop, 21 October, Saturday.

  • Songket Workshop, 22 October, Sunday.

Entertaining, educational and engaging happening in the heart of KL, KLEX’23 gathers experts and industry’s game changers from all over the world, together making a difference with collective energy to move the needle for the global community. This is where we showcase who we truly are as a nation and what we have to offer for humanity at large by utilising technology and digital advancement.

Introducing Malaysian Craft Council (MCC): A Little Glimpse of Our Story

Celebrating and Supporting Malaysia's vibrant Art and Crafts Community.

Malaysian Craft Council is a nonprofit organization that advocates and accelerates the growth  of Malaysian craft industry covering all craft categories (Batik, Songket, Tenun, Silver, Ceramic,  Embroidery, and all other craft segments). It acts as a connecting platform for industry players,  bringing Malaysian craft to the world via various collaborative projects with international  organizations or its affiliate networks.

Malaysian Craft Council (MCC) also known as Pertubuhan Kraf Malaysia is a non profit, purpose driven organisation aiming to empower and raise the standard of Malaysian arts and crafts ecosystem especially those linked with cultural heritage through education, experience and economic elevation.

Our mission is clear –– to make Malaysian Crafts world class by establishing the next generation of international level master artisans.

  • 1. Vision

    To be central advocating body of Malaysian crafts, uniting people & communicating ideas for the entire ecosystem.

  • 2. Mission

    To make Malaysian craft world class through education, experience and economic elevation.

  • 3. Value

    Founded by our 5 core values made up of the acronym C.R.A.F.T – it is in our DNA and our belief system as well as the belief system innately built in each and every single one of us to make a difference, to make our mark,to bring impact and leave a lasting legacy.

  • C

    Cultivate the value of Malaysian heritage.

  • R

    Redefine and re-educate on Malaysian crafts values.

  • A

    Acknowledge and position Malaysian craft as a timeless lifestyle.

  • F

    Free and fair industry wealth distribution by creating a sustainable, ethical ecosystem.

  • T

    Train and establish the next gen of world class artisans for Malaysian crafts.

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Adhering to our core values, driven by the right intentions and guided by inspired actions, will allow our crafts to flourish and become a point of pride for our nation, particularly cherished by future generations.

People Behind Malaysian Craft Council

  • Nik Faiz Nik Amin

    MCC Founding President & Executive Director, TSLP Financial Controller.

  • Arja Lee

    MCC Executive Director Media & Publicity, TSLP Artisan Instructor.

  • Ariza Mohd Yusof

    MCC Treasure, Executive Director CSR & Protocol, TSLP Govt. Liaison Coordinator.


The Silver Lining Project (TSLP) Malaysia is a community project by the Malaysian Craft Council (MCC) to restore the greatness of Malay heritage through Textiles, Metal Crafts & Performing Arts.

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